Connected TV Advertising

Deliver produced video advertising spots (30-second spots) to targeted audiences who subscribe to a streaming or on-demand television content service before and within their customized programming selections.

Through digitally accessing connected devices (Smart TVs, FireStick, Apple TV, Roku, etc.), Connected television ads are delivered specifically to streaming/subscription content viewers who meet the advertiser’s target audience profile (income, net worth, age, gender, family composition, purchase intent, etc.)

This eliminates wasting TV dollars on non-qualified audiences and allows advertisers to reach TV viewers who have “Cut the Cord” of cable TV, when and where they are consuming TV media.

Connected TV
  • Behavioral Targeting – income, age, interests, home value, etc.Geo-Targeting – city, zip code, DMA


  • Reporting – See behavioral data, geos, networks, inventory, etc. all reported in TOS dashboard with other campaign data


  • Cross-Device Targeting & Retargeting – deliver retargeting banner ads to users who watched a Connected TV spot to the desktop/tablets within the same household

Why Connected TV

Why Connected TV?

  • 64 percent of U.S. household had enabled Connected TV devices in 2017

  • In 2017, Americans spent an average of 3.6 hours daily using enabled smart TV or internet-connected devices such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast

  • In 2017, 168.1 million U.S. consumers watched streaming video via a Connected TV device

  • Streaming television content subscribers and Connected TV viewers are first adopters, who are typically actively engaged in other forms of digital media

The Benefits of Connected TV

The Benefits of Connected TV

  • Realize all the traditional benefits of video advertising

  • Full-screen video advertising experience

  • Videos are Data-Driven, virtually eliminating wasted ad impressions

  • Compared to traditional television, Connected TV is much more capable of delivering a highly targeted audience for advertisers

  • Connected TV delivers a highly engaged audience, with a 98% completion rate
    Viewers are much more receptive to advertisements when they are relevant, and given the opportunity to choose their experience.